Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, September 03, 2007

Adler Loses 10 Pounds

...or at least she looks like she did. She got a haircut on Saturday and let me tell you, she came home looking like a totally different dog. Turns out most of her weight is from all that hair! Check out her picture. I know it's hard to tell from a photo but seriously, she does look much thinner. I hope the scale agrees. It must be all those green beans that has helped her slim down a little. I swear she's probably only 75-80 lbs. now.

Not only did Adler come back from the groomer looking like a totally different dog, but she was acting like one too. She laid around and didn't eat for more than 24 hours after. It was only this evening, when I was making my lunch for tomorrow, that she took her usual position right next to me in case I dropped any food. So I know she's almost back to normal again! Maybe going to the groomer is a traumatic experience for her and this is how she reacts?!


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