Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Adler's New Home

Adler's moving. Well, actually so are we. Probably the beginning of July. It's not a big move - just down to the first floor of our building so we will have not as many stairs to deal with and gain some square footage including an extra bedroom and bathroom. (We're the unit on the first floor to the left with it's own entrance.)

Adler will have more room to run around too and now she'll have to contend with stairs in her actual home every day. I'm sure she'll be a maniac tearing up the place unable to stop herself. We have two little stairs in the long hallway and she's already practicing running down the hallway and jumping off the top stair!

Anyway, right now Tom is currently doing some work to the new place. The usual painting and other projects you hope to do before you move in. Because our new place is in the same building, we are able to look in on the progress and we bring Adler down there most times that we do. I think Adler is beginning to understand that this is her place too as she usually stops at the many doors of this condo and looks at us to go in. Maybe she thinks she has two homes now in this condo. Well, actually, I guess she does for now - until we move in.


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