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Friday, June 01, 2007

A Mini-Adler for Austen

Austen has his very own Adler dog now. Friends of ours bought Austen a little Bernese Mountain Dog stuffed animal. Now we have several of these mini replicas in our home already, however, this one is great for babies. It's so soft and plush and travels with Austen most places he goes. Right now he loves to grab it with both hands and violently stuff it in his mouth. Of course, he also now loves to grab the real Adler's fur - handfuls of it. Adler just sits there and tolerates it or moves.

Anyway, the mini Berner sits guard and watches over Austen in his crib as he sleeps. What a great gift. And Adler thinks so too as we've found her licking the stuffed puppy on several occasions. Never actually taking it from Austen, but very interested in Austen's new little buddy. Now I just have to make sure that it doesn't get lost. It doesn't go to daycare with Austen, but it has fallen out of his car seat twice. Once almost getting run over by an unsuspecting old lady and another time in our front hallway. I had to call Tom to have him look for it. At least in our condo, most people would know that it would be our stuffed animal because of our big animal that looks just like it!


  • It's amazing how realistic they can make those toy stuffed animals.

    By Blogger Perry, at 10:38 AM  

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