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Friday, May 11, 2007

Can Dogs Count?

Most people would say no but recently I received an email about our furry friends from my dad and it said "Say dogs can't count and then give a dog only two out of the three treats in your pocket."
I laughed at that one. Adler for sure would know that there would be one left that I didn't give her. I guess that means she can count.
She can also count the number of pounds she's lost since her March vet appointment. One and a half pounds according to our vet's scale. Isn't that like 10 human pounds??!
I'm proud of her though - at least she didn't gain any weight!


  • I had read a story at one of my science news sites about counting dogs but couldn't find it.

    I did find this interesting story about how dogs that eat less live longer.

    Dog lives longer

    By Anonymous Perry, at 4:51 PM  

  • Our Bailey went from 28 pounds down to 21 - he hadn't been able to lick himself in years......he, he, he!

    By Blogger Leigh Ann Taillie, at 8:57 PM  

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