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Monday, May 07, 2018

Peyton's 2nd Grade Program & First Communion

This weekend was all about Peyton. The middle child gets all the attention...finally! It started Friday with her 2nd grade performance. And, what a performance it was with her belting out all the songs she learned for her Family Heritage event complete with a face full of expressions.

The teachers also interviewed the students asking them various questions and recording their answers to play during the entire second grade performance for all the parents and grandparents. Peyton's question was 'Tell me how you got your name?'..."Well," she begins, "In college, my mom used it as her fake name at the bars!" Now the best part of this wasn't that my phone started blowing up from friends commenting - "Really?" and "Amazing Peyton!" as I sat slightly incredulous that she didn't tell the whole truth on this one but that she knew it would make a better interview if she said this partial truth instead of saying where her name originally came from and that was from a TV show. Oh my smart and sassy Peyton. Always looking for the drama when there is none!

You win! said one parent to me, or rather Peyton did with the best line of the whole performance. Well, I don't know if I won but it will definitely be one that we'll tell stories about when she's older!

Anyway, my favorite part of the event was surprisingly not Peyton's interview but the sweet family photo she drew. The best part - Adler floating in a cloud with angel wings. It almost brought a tear to my eye that she still saw her as part of our family and remembered her even though she was only 5 1/2 when she died.

After the performance, the all about Peyton day continued with her grandparents and me and Hailey taking her out for lunch to a place of her choosing. I think she loved the attention especially since she told me multiple times that Hailey could not come to the performance because little kids were not invited! (Good thing Hailey had school anyway.)

Stay tuned next week for more on Peyton's First Communion but here's a sneak peak of her getting spoiled getting her hair done the morning of her big day. (It was safer to have someone else do her hair than us getting into a shouting match the morning of because either I pulled her hair too hard or because it was taking too long!)


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