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Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy 70th Birthday to Papa!

A lot has changed in the 10 years since we celebrated my Dad aka "Papa's" 60th birthday in Michigan including the addition of three more grandchildren. But this milestone birthday is especially significant because it's the year that Papa will retire (four more days to be exact).  Now most of my friends' parents have been retired for years but not mine. They kept on working (yes, they happened to be younger than many of my friends' parents too but still not that much younger!). I guess it keeps their minds sharp so why not keep working if no one is kicking you out the door and you don't detest what you do?

I for one am looking forward to seeing him enjoy life a little more - travel to all the places he's never been - abroad and right here in the U.S. Play golf whenever he wants. Join clubs and meet new seniors! Not to mention watch Hailey for me when I volunteer at Austen and Peyton's school in the afternoons! Life has just begun again in a lot of ways for him.

So cheers to the best Dad around - the one who I knew loved me more than my brothers and the one who has led by example and encouraged us to move past wrongs to continue to build relationships  when we knew it was especially hard for him.

And, cheers to the best Papa that we know. The one who delivers chocolate milk, cookies and cinnamon rolls to his grandchildren and can always be found at one of their games on the weekend cheering them on and giving them dollars for goals or good plays.

Papa, you have no idea how much we all enjoy your company and how much your grandchildren will remember your presence in their lives. Now it's your turn. Enjoy your time. We love you. Happy birthday. 


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