Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, September 04, 2017

I Want to Do Gymnastics!

Hailey has been asking me since spring to sign her up for gymnastics so this fall that's one of the classes she's doing after her morning Montessori school class. She was so excited to go her first day and had so much fun hanging from the bars and walking on the balance beam (close to the floor - they don't let the little ones up on the high ones just yet) that she promptly declared I want to do that again tomorrow! I had to break it to her that it was only once a week.

She looks strong out there and solid. Her balance is pretty good and she enjoys all the tasks that they give her like picking up or stepping over items as they walk on the balance beam or kicking an object as they swing from the bars.

I'm glad she's having fun and doesn't mind trying new things even if none of her friends are in her class or her mommy!


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