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Monday, August 28, 2017

First Days of School

Last week marked the first day of Grades 5 and 2 for Austen and Peyton. They both were excited to return to school and see all of their friends. Austen was happy to find out he got the teacher he wanted while Peyton was less thrilled with hers as she got the same teacher Austen had for second grade (two years in a row she's received the same teacher he had). I of course was thrilled because I really liked Austen's second grade teacher. She's strict and pushes them but she's also very supportive of them being responsible students.

It's Austen's last year at his elementary school and the last year he'll be in school with Peyton again until he's a Senior in high school! That seems crazy to me! Anyway, he's enjoying being the top of the school and having some flexible seating options like a couch and standing desk in his classroom.

Hailey also just started school today at her Montessori school. She moved into the 3-6 classroom with the same teacher Peyton had (see I told Peyton, that's what happens when you're a younger sibling!). She's enjoying seeing her friends that moved up with her and making new, older friends. It's like having Peyton to play with all morning but someone who treats her better than Peyton does!

So far it's been a good start to the school year. The kids activities are starting up again and I'm ready to get back to watching and coaching some games on the weekend.


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