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Monday, August 21, 2017

The Final Hours of Summer Vacation...

I'm ready. And, they're ready. The kids go back to school tomorrow (Austen and Peyton at least) and so we countdown the final hours of the Summer of 2017. It was a good one punctuated by the viewing of the eclipse today. (It was cloudy so we didn't see much and we weren't in an area of totality but it was still very cool to watch). The kids enjoyed making their own viewers (thanks NASA) and watching the areas of totality go completely dark and then light again on TV as the eclipse crossed the continental U.S. Peyton of course was worried that she would go blind or that I would but she still took a peek into her viewer.

Our Homemade Eclipse Viewers

Lunch and Watching Eclipse Areas of Totality on TV
Since we'll be able to see another one in 2024, Tom and I have already decided that we'll try to make a trip to an area of totality then with the whole family. Austen will be 17 then, Peyton 14 and Hailey 10 - and I don't even want to think how old we'll be but still a once or twice in a lifetime experience for sure that we don't want to miss. 

Anyway, here are our favorites from the Summer of 2017:

Best Vacation: Italy or California
Best Day Activity: Hanging out with my friends
Best Memory: Playing soccer in Italy
Best Thing You Bought: Legos from Legoland
Best Summer Song: 2 U by Justin Bieber

Best Vacation: California especially Disneyland
Best Day Activity: Going to the Zoo with Daddy
Favorite Camp: Zoo Camp
Best Memory: Going to the Michigan Beach
Best Thing You Bought: My Build a Bear dog from Disneyland
Best Summer Song: God, Your Mama and Me by Florida Georgia Line

Best Vacation: Disneyland!
Best Day Activity: Going to the pool
Best Memory: Meeting and Dancing with Mickey Mouse!
Best Thing You Bought: My Build A Bear blue dinosaur or my blue Mickey Mouse hat
Favorite Camp Activity: Dinosaurs or Mickey Mouse Day


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