Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, September 11, 2017

Keeping Sadie Busy

Now that Sadie is 18 months old she's settled down a lot. That means she's no longer chewing on my window sills and not eating the seat belts in the back of my car (yes, I had to replace a whole seat belt thanks to Sadie!).

However, she does still like to eat the dirt and the flowers in our backyard. Sadie also loves to chomp on mulch from our landscaping and the other day stole my Vitamin Water bottle right off the outdoor end table and I had to chase her around the yard to recover it! But still she is getting easier - even with the walks we have to take her on and the therapy we still need to do on our own with her. (Water therapy is complete and we have seen a good deal of improvement in her gait after just 8 sessions.)

We do still need to keep her mind busy though and while she was recovering from her spinal surgery a friend lent us several treat puzzles that kept her stimulated. We purchased a new treat puzzle recently that she still can't figure out but she sure had fun trying (once they figure it out it's much easier for them - the hard part is figuring it out though!).

Watch Sadie struggle with opening all the secret compartments on this treat puzzle (she gets the easy one but still hasn't figured out the hard one).


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