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Monday, August 17, 2015

Cheerleading? Soccer? Dance? Swim?

We have been exposing Peyton to a variety of different activities from crafts to gymnastics to hip hop dance and cheerleading. It was easy with Austen at this age. You could tell he was into multiple sports. However, Peyton hasn't seemed that into really anything she has tried. Here are a few of her comments:

Soccer - it's too hot to play! When is this going to be over? Is Papa going to give me a $1 if I score a goal? 

Ballet - it's boring.

Gymnastics - I want to do gymnastics. Watch me do my cartwheel (not resembling a cartwheel but gymnastics has seemed to improve her balance).

Hip Hop - I don't want to do hip hop. Okay, I want to do hip hop again. Next year, I want to have the Minions costume for the show (unlikely).

Swimming - I'm scared. I don't want to do swimming. Hold my hand. (She has made drastic strides this year in swim - front float, back float, swimming underwater and jumping off the side by herself...of course only where she can touch).

Cheerleading - I don't want to go to cheerleading (although she loved the perfirmance they gave at the end of the session).

So what I've deduced - Peyton likes to complain. And I still don't know which sports or activities she is going to follow through on - I can't see it yet. 

I am checking out yoga for her next!


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