Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, July 13, 2015


Adler has officially hit 10.5 years and since I haven't posted in awhile just about her, I figured I would bring you up to date. 

- In the last few months, she has gained four or five pounds - mainly due to a switch in her food so we switched back and are nearing her "fighting weight" again.

- Adler has grown a lot less tolerant of other dogs who annoy her. People, are no problem and she seems less suspicious of them than in her younger years.  If you want to pet her, great, but If it's a pet who wants to sniff her, forget about it. 

- She is happiest when she can go for walks (which is necessary now that she needs to get back to her fighting weight). She spends most of the day sleeping indoors - even when we kick her out of the house into the backyard, she wants to come back in. But since she was walked twice a day for the first 9 years of her life, she prefers to do just that.

- She can keep up with her sisters at the playground. Yes, she went down this same slide Peyton and Hailey did.

- She is still a true city dog. She prefers the indoors (unless it is snowing) and is still afraid of flies. God forbid one get in the house (which happens daily).

- Even though it's summer and she used to sleep on the cool floor instead of her pillow, she now lays her aging body on her pillow every night no matter what temperature it is inside or outside. 

Some say age is all about how you feel and I would say for 10.5, Adler is feeling pretty good!


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