Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Time

On the weekends it's all about us. During the week it's a race to pick up the kids from school, get home, play, eat, bath and then bed. So when the weekend arrives we enjoy taking at least one walk a day sometimes two to our local coffee shops (Austen knows the names of both of them and has to get a coffee cup that looks like his dad's but is really only water).

Most of the time we even run errands together as a family or we are doing something else together. This weekend, yes, we ran errands but we took the kids to a tailgate and baseball game to watch the Milwaukee Brewers play with some friends. Austen enjoyed the other kids and playing "cornhole" with them. Peyton enjoyed picking up the bags from the "cornhole" game, even ones that weren't ours and running around trying to find a new family who would adopt her (she certainly wasn't shy about approaching other people!) Once inside, we watched five innings (Peyton too! Although she was a little squirmy) before taking a break to check out the many play areas for kids. Austen got to race Corey Hart (essentially the 50 yard dash against a piece of wood that moves next to you) and took a picture in the outfield!

We probably arrived back in our seats during the 7th inning and watched the Brewers sweep the Cardinals 4-3. I couldn't believe Peyton made it 9 innings but she did. And, I can't believe as much as she hates to be contained, she essentially sat and watched a baseball game. She did great and Tom and I can check that challenge off our list!

Can't wait until more family time next weekend...maybe at the beach!


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