Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day

Mother's Day started early for me. Peyton's class had an outing at the park for all the moms and they gave each mom a mold with the hand print of her child. Then Sunday came and the sun was shining giving us a day's reprieve from the normal downpours we've been having lately. That was perhaps the best gift of all because we started the morning with a long walk outside with Adler.

Of course this was after Peyton decided to bite her brother. Yup, he was minding his own business with his arm on a chair waiting patiently for me to finish adjusting his pants. Peyton was there too and determined her brother was blocking her from getting on the chair so without so much as a warning she opened her mouth and sunk her teeth into his arm. Now I am no stranger to biting toddlers. Austen was a horrible biter so for some reason I thought I'd be spared another biter. Not so. I have gotten three notes from school in just two days that she has bit her friends too. I feel the lemon juice coming on! That was the only way I got Austen to stop biting.

Anyway, my two kids and dog surprised me with a new iPod Nano since my mini was so terribly out of date (compliments of my husband). I didn't even recognize it since it's so small but I am looking forward to using it on my treadmill which has the plug in for an iPod.

We rounded out the day by heading to the burbs to honor more moms and enjoy the sunny day.

Happy 4th Mother's Day to me.


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