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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Full Disclosure

I have often heard from family and even friends how well behaved my kids are for the most part in public. Often I respond by telling them that they are not perfect little angels as they sometimes appear. They are kids and they have their temper tantrums and frustrate me just like any other children. I have been lucky for the most part though because rarely does this bad behavior occur in public. I would like to say that that is because of my great parenting (along with my husband)! Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t but for the first time in the four years since Austen was born we were dealing with our first truly challenging situation.

On Sunday, I texted my mom, “How many times did I or my brothers embarrass you in public?”

It took four years but I finally got my taste of public embarrassment at the hands of my child. I took Austen to a birthday party last Sunday. Being 4, I looked forward to being pretty hands off and catching up with the other moms while Austen enjoyed the party with his friends. However, five minutes into the party the birthday girl is crying because Austen threw a Leapster game at her head! I was mortified. What shocked me more was that Austen looked concerned but still brushed it off by saying “I said I was sorry!” Of course, I made Austen apologize and sit out for awhile but I had no idea at that moment that I should have taken him home to avoid the later embarrassment he would subject me to.

Take two – guitar singer asking the kids (mostly girls) to jump and dance in small space. I saw Austen and his two “boy” friends start to get crazy and bump into each other and knock each other down. I see where this is going and make Austen come sit by me. He mopes around for the next 30 minutes until pizza and cupcakes are served. I think he is back to normal so he goes downstairs to play with his “boy” friends. Some instinct told me that he can’t be trusted by himself down there so I head down too. His friend is complaining Austen isn’t sharing. I tell him to share, he hides in the corner until he sees his friend jumping on the couch (something he is not allowed to do obviously), but he doesn’t give any thought to this now and joins his friend. All the parents of the girls are now downstairs looking at these crazy monkey boys. I grab him off the couch and tell him we are going home and the fireworks erupt – I put him under my arm and take him kicking and screaming to the car.

I think the parents who knew him were shocked but most of all I was shocked. My kid doesn’t behave like this and especially not in public. Austen spent the entire rest of the afternoon/evening in his room. And, judging by his behavior this week at school and at home, I think that afternoon in his room and the fact that he didn’t get to go watch the Bears game with his dad and his uncles made an impact on him.

I know there will be more instances of public embarrassment in my future but I know there will be even more public moments of pride.


  • As a mother, I love it! It's always nice to know you're not the only one. I always remind my kids before we enter a store, "If everyone in this store knows your name by the time we leave it won't be a good trip!"

    By Blogger Busy Mom, at 7:43 AM  

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