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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday, Adler!

Six years ago, our dear Bernese Mountain Dog, Adler, was born. I think that day ranks right up there with the day that our kids were born.

A month before she was born, our breeder was expecting another litter. We thought that one of those pups from that litter would be ours but they only had two girls in that litter and those girls were already spoken for by the breeder and another family. We really wanted a girl, but the breeder said not to worry, one of her other pups was due with another litter a month later.

So on November, 27, 2005, four girls and two boys were born and one of them was our Adler (known then as "Pink" - the one on the right in the above picture). I remember feeling so elated that we finally got our pup after hours of interviews with Berner breeders. These people (us now) really love their dogs and made sure they weren't giving them to just anyone. Despite how Tom and I looked on paper, the biggest challenge we had was getting a breeder to be okay with giving a Berner to someone who lives in the city. We lived on the third floor then and we had to carry Adler for the first six months of her life up and down the steps until she grew too heavy. That was to protect her hips for as long as possible as the breed is prone to hip dysplasia. We also didn't/still don't have a backyard but we spun it as our dog would get walked twice daily and that would be better than letting her out in the yard by herself.

Who knew that on this day six years ago, our lives would change forever. Those who know me well, know how much I love this dog. I lay on the floor regularly with her and make sure she's getting enough attention, especially after the kids are in bed. And, for those who said she wouldn't be as much a part of our lives as before we had kids, I say you were wrong. I actually love her more now when I see her with our kids.

So today we celebrate she got some new toys, some new treats and vanilla ice cream with a candle (that Austen blew out). Happy birthday girl! My wish for you today is many, many more happy birthdays!


  • Happy Birthday Adler! You have made me a fan of Berners now too!

    By Blogger Meghan, at 9:42 AM  

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