Three Kids and a Dog

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Austen Got in a Fight with his Sand Toys

Yesterday, we went to the beach. Despite Austen's general fussiness,(we think he's getting more teeth) he enjoyed playing in the sand with his sand toys. But, he wasn't so interested in the water. Too cold for him and he doesn't like when the surf comes up and gets his toes wet although he does enjoy looking at the waves crashing on the beach - but only from afar.

Well, about halfway through our beach day yesterday, Austen fell on one of his sand toys and scratched his upper and lower eyelid. People say this is what happens when you have a kid who has just started to walk - they get injured. And, Austen isn't too sure of walking on the sand - yet. So now our little guy has a nice scratch near his eye to complement his cut on the side of his face.

I'm sure he will look just great for my brother's wedding pictures on Saturday.


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