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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Austen's Injury

So less than five hours after we arrived in Florida, I was thinking we may be headed to the nearest emergency room. My dad and Tom had just gotten back from the grocery store and were putting the food and drink in the refrigerator. Well, Austen loves the refrigerator so he was playing in the freezer with the ice while Tom loaded the refrigerator side.

After piling about eight beers onto a side shelf in the refrigerator, it collapsed causing the beer to crash down on the tile floor. Four of them shattered with glass and beer everywhere. Austen was startled by the crash but as I saw the scene unfolding, I was more concerned with his bare feet standing admist broken glass and spilled beer. I couldn't get the words out of my mouth fast enough instructing my dad or Tom, who were closer to Austen, to pick him up (before he started walking all over the glass strewn floor). Tom did and I quickly surveyed Austen's feet. No cuts, just smelled like beer. I went to the bedroom to put on his shoes and noticed blood on the side of his face. It was then that I realized that a piece of glass must have flown up and hit him in the face.

Trying not to panic, I wiped away the blood to see how deep the cut was. It didn't look deep but there was a good gouge there. It took awhile for the bleeding to stop but it finally did. Today it's just a scab that I hope doesn't scar. I guess as a boy, this is just one of many injuries he will have throughout his lifetime.


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