Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter, Love Austen

Easter was a much better holiday than Xmas for me. For one I'm not teething anymore (I have 12 teeth now - my dad counted but I was trying to bite him while he was counting)and I am walking now so I got to participate in my very own Easter egg hunt.

Of course my dad thought he had to make the hunt easy for me being that it was my first time and all so I had to do it quickly to really challenge myself. I have to say the plastic eggs were probably my favorite gift for Easter. Oh and grandma got me a truck. I like that too especially now that I can say truck. And, I also like the magnets that I got from the Easter bunny. They stick to our front door! I'm so excited about that considering our refrigerator is stainless steel and they only work on the side and it's not enough room for me to play.

Oh well...maybe daddy will paint some of our walls with magnetic primer and chalkboard paint so I can really have some fun!


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