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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Girl Time

It's important to have some besties who are girls. Boys are great and all but as you get older I think it's important to have one or two best girl friends to add to your friendships.

Hailey has always preferred being friends with boys over girls so I was really excited for her to start elementary school this year and develop some real connections with girls she'll be going to school with for awhile. She played soccer this year and really enjoyed hanging out with her new friends. Two of which are in her kindergarten class. They just had an end of the season (dance) party at the local pizza place and she had a ball hanging out with all of her friends, talking and dancing.

Peyton, on the other hand, has always had a bunch of good girlfriends. Eager to have a moms and daughters night out like I do with some soccer moms and our sons, Peyton begged me to set up something with her friends. So last Friday night, we went to dinner and then the girls bowled and gossiped, ate ice cream and stayed up way too late. She had the best time though and was so happy and excited that she had this special event with her friends. I could almost get a glimpse of how she might be as a teenager!

Soccer Love!
Finally, both girls joined me and my bestie and her daughter (my goddaughter) for manicures/pedicures and lunch this past weekend too. The girls enjoyed getting their nails painted and their feet massaged. I think they could definitely get used to this. My girls love having their nails painted. Peyton told me that next time she should get the gel nail polish! I said she should get a job since it costs twice as much!

It was a nice few weeks of girl time activities that we snuck in before the holidays. And we know it's always important to make time for girl stuff!

Waiting for our moms to be done!
Three girls

Soccer scary dance party!


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