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Sunday, October 06, 2019

Fall Sports in Full Swing

I'm a little behind with my fall season sports posts and I have a lot of pictures and video so I'm going to recap here.

First, Austen - He just finished his cross country season placing 5th out of more than 160 7th graders with a time of 9 minutes and 39 seconds for 1.5 miles. What's even cooler though was that his 7th grade team placed first in their conference for the first time ever. They have a strong team with 4 of the top 7 runners. We are very proud of him as last year he placed 28th. Hard work pays off as he trained more this summer for soccer and cross country. He's also playing travel soccer and flag football where just today he had two interceptions and a pick 6. Check him out in action.

Austen's direct kick for a goal from way far out

Austen's cross country awards ceremony

In orange socks playing defense on the football field

Second, Peyton - She continues to play rec soccer. It's the first year I am not coaching her team and it is hard to sit by and watch coaches who don't know the rules and don't arrive before game time for warm ups. But I do sit because I've coached her for 5 years and it's time to move on. Anyway, she said she pulled a muscle in warm ups which led her to play goalie the first half and she had some incredible saves and really distributed the ball well from the back. She is also enjoying cheerleading and taking it really seriously and wants to get better. Jury is still out if this is something she'll follow through with but we shall see.

Peyton performing "Hot to Go"

Third, Hailey - I'm the assistant coach for Hailey's U6 rec soccer team which has been a lot of fun. This year she gets to play with other kindergartners instead of having to play an age group up. She's got potential as she has a big foot just like her big brother but she clearly is no Austen although I'm not sure there are many at that age like him. She played some good defense this weekend but she told me she's going to play football next year instead of soccer so we'll see! She has started taking gymnastics again but at a different gym and is now constantly doing back bends and back walkovers off of my couch. Jury is still out on what she's going to pursue for sports but she's still young so letting her try everything is important too although she did give me a big fat no when asked if she wanted to try basketball!

So between the three, our weeks are busy but I can't imagine what else I'd be doing if I wasn't watching my kids at some sport. Busy and active is good for the heart, the lungs and the mind!


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