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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter! Austen and Peyton have been preparing for the Easter bunny for the last few weeks. Tom made them this giant Easter bunny (that almost made it to Easter before it broke) that they loved. We'd ask Peyton where the Easter bunny was and she would look at it and point.

Austen has been using his old plastic Easter eggs to make a hunt for us or himself as a special treat before he went to bed. He'd ask us "let's play Easter!"

This past week we also made Easter bunny cookies and dyed some Easter eggs. Even Peyton helped drop the eggs into the water (and one onto the floor - good thing they were hard boiled!).

Austen and Peyton loved their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny; waving at the Easter bunny on our street (trying to drum up some business for the ham store); and participating in the scavenger hunt that Tom put on for them not to mention the candy hunt they got to participate in on Soldier Field (where the Chicago Bears play).


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