Three Kids and a Dog

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peyton's First Word

Peyton has just learned to wave hello and bye bye. I think now it's her favorite thing to do. Along with learning to wave, Peyton now says the word "hi." I didn't think that would be her first word. But then again, I didn't think that "down" would be Austen's first word either!

I guess it makes sense. Today, we were out and about in the city and Peyton was smiling at all the strangers that came into the elevator and waving at them. I was amazed at how social she was being in such a close space considering that she doesn't like a lot of people too close to her all at once.

She has also started to squeal with delight when seeing Adler. Today, she played by herself for about 40 minutes with her toys and cruised around using the furniture as her crutch. She approached Adler and was "talking" to her and then took off up our two little steps (which she can do on her own) and off she went into Austen's room where he was taking a nap. She didn't care. She went right in and used his stool to climb up on his bed! She actually woke him up (okay, so I let her since he had been asleep for awhile).

At almost 11 months, Peyton has a mind of her own already and exhibits signs of independence - good traits to have in a little girl!


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