Three Kids and a Dog

Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Tough Cookie

Peyton is one tough cookie. I pretty much knew this about her from a young age. Mostly because she has an older brother who is always sticking his face in hers and bumping her with his head or squeezing her extra hard. Does she cry? No. She usually squeals with delight at her brother paying her even an ounce of attention.

So I wasn't surprised when we went for her check up recently (still 75th percentile height but she is just below the 50th percentile now in weight) and she didn't even flinch during three out of four of her shots. I have never seen a baby that okay with being stuck with three needles in a row. I was amazed and wondered if she is going to be one of those kids with a high pain threshold.

It looks like it. That will come in handy later in life when giving birth and getting beat up by her brother but it will also be advantageous now when she is learning to walk!


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