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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Is it Enough to Make Me Want to Move to the Suburbs?

Did you ever have just a 24-hour period where everything that could possibly go wrong did? Well, for me it all started last Friday at about 3:30pm. I left work early to go to the doctor to finally get over this pesky virus that is still bothering me. Only thing is I see a resident. Living in a city with a lot of teaching hospitals, you see a lot of them - especially when you are trying to give birth! Anyway, I'm at the doctor for an hour and a half. Tom's out of town and I had planned on getting home by 5pm so I could walk Adler before I pick up Austen from daycare so I don't have to take him out in the cold. Only problem is the resident is super slow and I don't get out of there until after 5pm, nevermind the fact that he doesn't give me any drugs but says I can purchase sudafed and saline drops and writes it on a prescription pad like psychologically that's supposed to help me. Because I'm in the medical profession, I kept it together but I seriously felt like unloading on this guy. He was lucky it was just the beginning of my bad 24hours and not the end.

So I go pick up Austen. We take Adler for a walk. I use the Bugaboo stroller with the big wheels in front. (For all those who made fun of me for asking my parents for the Bugaboo as a shower present, you'll understand why now). I realize now why so many people in the city have them. People do not shovel their walks and the city plows couldn't care less if they plow you in. I dreaded crossing the street because that meant maneuvering the bugaboo over giant glaciers of ice. I think I only almost fell three times. We finally make it home. I dry Adler off, get Austen fed and bathed and put to bed. I think it's 9pm before I have everything cleaned up and am finally sitting down myself.

Next morning. I wake up. We have a big picture window in front. I pull up the blinds. It sets off our security alarm. I guess the glass break on the window is too sensitive but that's not what I or my neighbors want to hear at 7:30am. Austen is fussy this morning too and Adler parks herself in front of the door begging to go out. What more can I do? I'm home by myself so I put on Austen's coat before he even has breakfast and we are out the door with Adler to battle the gigantic glaciers once again. This time I only nearly fall twice.

Next up - Austen's music class. All is going well until the end of class when I sit him on a chair to put on his coat. Somehow in a split second he falls off the chair and onto the floor. Thankfully he is just scared and not hurt. I am afraid to even drive home from class with the way my luck has been going. I shuffle to the door and contemplate moving to the suburbs.

I picture a nice cozy morning feeding Austen and watching Adler frolick in our fenced in backyard enjoying the snow instead of me having to pack up Austen in the dead of winter when one of us is out of town so Adler can go for a walk. I picture a much bigger place with more storage for the same price as our current 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo. And, I picture daycare prices that aren't the cost of another mortgage. Of course, I then picture a long commute to work every day. This is reason enough for me to stay.


  • The long commute seems easy compared to that weekend!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:45 PM  

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