Three Kids and a Dog

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Finding Adler

Adler and Austen enjoy playing together, and just being together. In fact, it's Austen who knows Adler better than his own parents. Ask Austen where Adler is and he immediately searches for her on the ground if he's in my arms. When he finds her he smiles and points and says "Ahhh."

Austen can also identify his dad fairly quickly too (although he's still better at finding Adler). As for me, no recognition when you say "where's mommy?" I've heard this is common. Good or I may have a complex!

Well, our little munchkin still hasn't made much progress toward walking yet although he loves his two little "walkers." We can't wait to post videos when he does but in the interim here's another one of the two of them hanging out together. Be sure to watch all the way til the end and you'll see Austen imitating Adler. Enjoy.


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