Three Kids and a Dog

Monday, December 16, 2019


After this fall/winter, I think I should be getting my nursing degree. Dealing with many health issues - not for ailing parents (thankfully) or for myself but with my children and my dog. I can't even imagine what it's like for families having to deal with chronic health issues. And, for this I am grateful and helps keep our issues in perspective although time consuming and frustrating.

For weeks now Peyton has complained of a stomachache and a headache. I thought she was just being over dramatic but after a few times where she looked like she was in obvious distress and not wanting to go out to dinner (her favorite), I thought it was time to call the doctor. They wanted a longer appointment with her to talk about her stomach issues so I had to wait about 10 days for an appointment. Ten days seems like an eternity when you're dealing with a kid who tells you her stomach hurts for 10 days straight with no solutions even after eliminating foods from her diet - gluten, milk - you name it - we got rid of it. The best part is Peyton went to school telling her friends she is now Gluten Free! Ha! One approached me at a school event and said, "Mrs. Szurgot, I hear Peyton is now Gluten Free!" Uh no, is that what she told you?!

So Friday we finally had an appointment and after meeting with the doctor for 45 minutes she suggested doing a strep test on her even though she only presented with a stomachache and headache. And what do you know - it came back positive! So over the weekend we treated with amoxicillin but her symptoms still persisted. So back to the doctor today (another day of missing school) to have a mono test done and then get orders for blood work, pelvic and stomach ultrasounds too. The doctor would still like her to finish her 10 days of amoxicillin coupled with ibuprofen for the stomach and head pain but believes we will see it get better soon but if not, we're moving on to more advanced testing. So fingers crossed this medicine starts to take effect soon.

As for Sadie, she's still limping. While it seemed her knee was getting better, she still refuses to put a ton of weight on that leg. Unfortunately, her vet/acupuncturist was sick for her last treatment so she couldn't make it so Sadie has gone a bit longer than we would have liked without treatment. Hoping to get back on schedule and see more improvement over the next few weeks or we may have to consider surgery for her.

All this in a day's work! Wait, this is my work now. Good thing I don't work outside the home anymore. I'd be fired for too much time off! Hoping my two sick "kids" are on the mend and 2020 proves to be a healthier year for all.


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