Three Kids and a Dog

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Adler Down 3.1 Pounds

We had to take Adler to the vet over the holidays (nothing major - just a third eyelid that we didn't know existed and a sore tail from either being pulled by kids or accidentally whacked too hard against the wall from excitement). Anyway, she's fine, everything's normal and we found out that she lost 3.1 pounds!! Must be those green beans!

Our vet was pleased as punch that she was showing progress in her weight loss. At 81.1 pounds now, we have a few pounds more to lose before our vet is totally pleased with where she's at and stops recommending underwater treadmill walking.

Of course, now is the time too that Austen is eating regular people food and Adler gets all the crumbs or Austen feeds her out of his high chair, so I'm just hoping her weight doesn't go up!


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