Three Kids and a Dog

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Adler's Real Competition Arrives in January

Come January, Adler will have some company....or it could be some competition for our attention. No, we're not bringing home another Bernese Mountain Dog or a little kitty (which I'm still lobbying for) - we're expecting a baby.

This means, Adler doesn't get pushed to the side, but she will have to learn to share our attention and affections. Of course, I made Tom promise that we will still give Adler as many walks and as much attention as we do now and I'm already worrying about who will come over to let her out when I am in labor -- even envisioning myself telling Tom to go home and take Adler out at some point.

I hope Adler won't be jealous and that she'll be protective and careful around the little tyke. I hope they'll be the best of friends. And, I hope too that our kid is as cute as Adler or else next summer, we'll be walking with Adler and the kid in the stroller and someone, per usual, will come up to us and remark what a great looking dog we have, and then say nothing about our kid.


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