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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Doggie Daycare?

The reason we got Adler when we did was because Tom was working from home and could let her out during the day. That was a year and a half ago. Tom's moving back to working in an office probably by September so that means that we are struggling with what to do with Adler during the day. Do we 1) let her go 8 hours without someone taking her out 2) employ a dog walker to take her out or 3) take her to doggie daycare? We've been investigating places such as Bark Avenue and Pet Care Plus by our house that offer dog walking and doggie daycare. Tom insists that Adler can hold it all day. I know she can but I think it's cruel to make your dog hold it for eight hours every single day. So we will probably employ some combination of the above three options when Tom moves into his new office.

Might sound like Adler's spoiled, but what if someone made you refrain from going to the bathroom for 8 or 10 hours? I can't imagine doing that to Adler. My friend could though. He (and he shall remain nameless to protect his identity) recently told me that he left his dog for 16 hours while his wife and he were celebrating their anniversary at the Sybaris. Now, I have no idea why you'd choose the Sybaris over your own home for the evening, but apparently there's something the rest of us don't know about this place. At any rate, my friend leaves the poor dog for 16 hours and the dog miraculously holds his bladder and bowels for 16 hours. Can you believe it? Check the Guinness Book of World Records cause this dog might have it. But, anyway, he comes home, let's out the dog and then proceeds to leave again for another two hours. Now the dog is pissed (literally and figuratively) and decides to relieve himself all over their house. Of course they are angry when they get home and banish the dog to his room for the last five days. To that I say, well, duh, no kidding the dog relieved himself all over your house after you left him for 16 hours and then again for another two. But to blame the dog for that is beyond me. Next time, I recommend spending the $25 or so to board your dog. It will be far cheaper than installing new carpet or purchasing all those cleaning supplies needed to remove foul odors from the rug.


  • They provide some tips here for leaving your dog home alone. They suggest doing it gradually. I used to leave my dog home alone almost 10 hours a day. She eventually accepted it but she never got used to it. She'd always bark and whine when I left.


    By Blogger Perry, at 8:48 AM  

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